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1The past doesn’t just belong to historians. It belongs to everyone. That’s why I started The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice, so that I could share my knowledge of medical history with a wider audience. I currently have no institutional affiliation, nor do I make any money off the content I provide here. If you enjoy my articles, and would like to help defray some of the costs of running this website, please consider becoming a ‘Patreon’ of the blog by clicking HERE. In exchange for your support, you will receive various perks. This can be anything from access to Morbid Minute—a video I’ll release each month revealing a weird/gruesome fact about our medical past—to the first chapter of a novel I’m currently writing.

I really appreciate your generosity.


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  1. […] Apprentice, a website devoted to the topic.  If you really enjoy her work, think about sending some love her way.  Nobody does good history on the cheap, much less free.  (Or policy analysis, but that’s a […]

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