Vampire Legends – PBS & More 4


I’m excited to announce that I will be appearing on VAMPIRE LEGENDS on PBS tonight (October 27th) at 9 pm EST. This show will also air as BRITAIN’S MEDIEVAL VAMPIRES on More 4 this Halloween at 9 pm GMT. I’ll be discussing medical conditions which may have contributed to vampire myths in the past. I hope you enjoy it!

10 comments on “Vampire Legends – PBS & More 4

  1. David Purcell says:

    Saw it Doc, you looked and were GREAT! Mind my wife and I agree they should have just had you do the whole show and got rid of the other experts. Oh and Happy All-Hallows to you….hope you have a great time and a few G&It’s!!

  2. Ryan says:

    Looking forward to the More4 showing!

  3. heather says:

    Great show, u did a great job 😀

  4. Dave Witt says:

    sounds great, am looking fwd to it – for those interested in “real life” vampire studies, the following a brief and intriguing analysis:

  5. Huzzah! You always make these sortsa programs interesting w/ an edge of humour. Lemme fire up the DVR so I absolutely won’t miss it. 🙂

  6. nightsmusic says:

    All set to record! Very excited.

    How are you doing? Hanging in there?

  7. Sharlene Spingler says:

    Lindsey- does this included PBS in the USA or strictly the UK?

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