Relic Face-Off: Trailer

We’re excited to release the trailer for a new mini-series on Under The Knife! In Relic Face-Off, contestants will be invited onto the show and asked to bring with them an object related to a chosen theme. I will then try to ‘one-up’ them with an object of my own, and the audience will be asked to vote in the comment section on which oddity they think is more fascinating. Click here to view.

In the first challenge, Chris Skaife–Yeoman Warder and Ravenmaster at the Tower of London–will face-off with me on TORTURE DEVICES. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for updates. We hope you enjoy the trailer (and the concept)!

2 comments on “Relic Face-Off: Trailer

  1. Sharlene Spingler says:

    Very well done. Congratulations. Sharlene Sharlene Spingler 646 843 2088

    Associate Publisher / Editor O’Dwyer’s Public Relations Resource 271 Madison Avenue #600 New York City 10016

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