Under The Knife – Episode 1: The Clockwork Saw

In the first episode of Under The Knife, I discuss the clockwork saw–a 19th-century medical instrument which failed on a massive scale. Make sure you watch to the very end as we have a few little surprises in store for you!

If you enjoy the video, please remember to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for updates. When we hit 1,000 subscribers, we’ll be raffling off the googly eyeball from the title sequence of the series! And really… who wouldn’t want to own this?!


4 comments on “Under The Knife – Episode 1: The Clockwork Saw

  1. […] But, uh, I don’t seek to form a personal connection with you in order to further explore … whatever it is you’re doing there. Keep on keeping […]

  2. […] if you are delicate about things that are gruesome, you may wish to avoid this video on the Clockwork Saw by medical historian Dr. Lindsay Fitzharris—but I fell over […]

  3. julieallyn says:

    Nicely done. As always!!!

  4. @snibla64 says:

    Brilliant. Fascinating stuff. I can’t wait for the next installment, or the raffle of the googly eye! Keep up the good work

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