Not just another Plague Documentary …

This is the story of Eyam, a village that sacrificed itself for the sake of others during a plague outbreak in 1665. It is one which is filled with suffering, with pain, with death; however, it is also one which is filled with love, with compassion, and with hope.

Few people know about Eyam.

Big Baby Productions and I want to fix this.

I hope you enjoy this trailer for a 1-hour documentary on this incredible story.

3 comments on “Not just another Plague Documentary …

  1. Richard Knowles says:

    Looking forward to the successful completion of your documentary. My father was born very near Eyam, and he & my mother would take me there as a child on vacation in the Peak District to hear about the Eyam story and to watch the well-dressing remembrance ceremony.

  2. nightsmusic says:

    I finally got a chance this weekend to watch the trailer. So sad and so chilling, but what bravery! And when will we be able to see the whole documentary? Any word yet?

  3. Tessa Harris says:

    Great trailer Lindsey. Geraldine Brookes’ Year of Wonders is an amazing novel set in the village, paying particular attention to the Mompesson story.

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